What is QueryXMMS? QueryXMMS is a Linux application written in C that queries XMMS about what it is doing and returns it in an easily parseable format for use in other applications. In slightly less opaque terms, qxmms is a program for checking what tune XMMS is playing, though it does a lot more than that now.

QueryXMMS also has some basic remote control functions to change the state of XMMS from the command. For example if you wish to pause xmms, sending the pause command would do so. It always performs commands before quering XMMS, so if you use the next command and the title of song query, then it will switch songs and report the title of the new tune it is playing.

Why do I want to do this all from a command line? If you are asking this then you probably use the mouse. QueryXMMS was actually wrote for use in other applications more than just randomly typing it on the command line. Check out the Applying QueryXMMS section for some good examples. Just to shed some light though, a good use would be like in a "Now Playing" spam script for IRC chatting, or to update your blog about what you are currently listening too. QueryXMMS does not do this for you, qxmms queries XMMS and returns the data in a format that is easy to chop up in YOUR application or script.

Or you could just randomly type it on the command line for fun.

I downloaded the binary, now what? Put the qxmms binary somewhere in your $PATH unless you do not care about typing a full filepath every time. Where it sits honestly is of no importance. If you do that type `qxmms` and poof.

I downloaded the source, and... ok. Extract the source, change directory into it and type `make`. The Makefile should work for most people since I think the options were pretty default. If it fails and you know how to edit the Makefile do it. I might end up adding the configure script system later but that seems like so much work for such a small project. Perhaps someone can help me do this later on? I have never actually tried it.

If your compilation was a success, follow the directions in the above I downloaded the binary.

Typing `qxmms` showing me the current title playing, boring. Great, that means things are working. Type `qxmms -h` and it will display all the different commands and queries you can use to mix things up a bit.

Currently QueryXMMS can report back the Playlist Track Number, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Title, File Path, Channels Type, Tune Length, Current Position in tune, Running State, and the Current Volume. Command wise, qxmms can Play, Pause, Stop , Goto Next Track, Goto Previous Track, Add File to Playlist, Change Volume, Jump to Playlist Track Number, Seek to Time, Seek Skip, and Change Skin.