QueryXMMS as a productive member of the OpenSource Community. This page shows some theoretical and some real in-use applications of QueryXMMS. If you are using qxmms let me know in an email (address on Home) with as much info as you can or want to give and it will end up here. Consider it free linking as thanks for using qxmms.

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Examples of Use.
PHP: get_xmms_info(). View Source.
This script is overly complex for such a small example but it has good application, and would be decent for larger scale implentations of PHP.
Linux Shell: desktheme.sh. View Source.
A quick shell script for quickly changing the desktop theme, my wallpaper and XMMS skin always have to look good together! Executed like so `./desktheme.sh meditative`, and poof, New wallpaper and XMMS skin.
Real Things Using QueryXMMS.
X-Chat Perl Script: qxmms.pl. View Source.
This small script is for spamming the current song playing in XMMS on IRC. Some people like them, some people do not so be careful not to get yourself banned for being the channel DJ.
PGID3 Tag Editor. Visit Site.
This is a real application that uses qxmms to open the currently playing tune from XMMS. Ok ok, so I wrote it. No shame in self plugs. It is a desktop application written in PHP using GTK+ as a front end for editing the ID3 tags on MP3 files.