Download. Here are your choices: binary bz2, source bz2, or source from CVS. Do note that CVS could have some broken code in it, so if you need something that works stick with the latest official release. Also if you compile for another (or even slightly different) platform, feel free to send it to me and it will end up here for others.

• Version 1.06 Official Binary BZ2 (compiled on Linux i686)
• Version 1.06 Official Source BZ2

or view all releases.

KateOS Users
You can install QueryXMMS by adding the community-unstable repository to to your /etc/updateservers and running `updateos -i qxmms`.

Getting it off CVS. Do what I do and you should end up with a qxmms subdirectory containing the source just as if you had downloaded the source tarball.
[bob@elenothar src]$ cvs login
    Logging in to
    CVS password: <Press Enter>
[bob@elenothar src]$ cvs -z3 checkout qxmms
    cvs checkout: Updating qxmms